Biometrics Reference Room

Introduction to Biometrics

The NSTC Subcommittee on Biometrics and Identity Management developed this introductory material in order to better communicate both within the government and with other interested parties. Stating facts and discussing related issues in a consistent, understandable manner, will enable smoother integration of privacy-protective biometric solutions. Federal agencies are working to ensure that their outreach activities are consistent with, and occasionally reference, this suite of documents so that the public, press and Congress are able to easily understand their plans and discuss them productively. The Subcommittee encourages other entities to also use and reference this material.

The background material here was developed in 2006. While the basic background information is still accurate, and useful for those new to the field, some of the more specific information on operational activities and specific standards are understandably dated. Readers should keep this in mind while studying these documents.



Cross-Cutting Topics

Additional References